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Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Plate: Eating Right

Choose My Plate

We attended a nice presentation Friday at the local library.  It was a presentation for kids (although we stayed and learned a thing or two) about healthy eating.  Remember what we all grew up knowing as The Food Pyramid?  Well, things have changed (thank Goodness).  The FDA has now presented to the eating public: My Plate.


The presentation was informative and, since it was at the local library, (a beautiful new building in Livingston, LA), free!  My kids were the only ones to attend and were lucky enough to be the sole subjects of the local Advocate Newspaper article due out next Thursday!  But, I digress...

The idea behind My Plate is simple...fill your plate with the right amounts of the different food groups.  Half of the plate should be fruits and vegetables.   The other half grains and protein.  Be honest.  How many of YOU fill your plates this way?  (I sure don't!)  Dairy is a side "circle" and thus not as large a quantity.

Vegetables and Fruits

Canned (with reduced salt) and frozen veggies, as well as, of course, fresh veggies are great.  Farmers' markets will assure you the freshest...probably more so than any supermarket.  Canned fruit, as long as it is packed in juice and not syrup, can be a great component to your meals.  But fresh fruit, with the skin on (for fiber) is best.  Raw is best for both.

Of course, my brain started to spin for the possibilities this, somewhat new, program can provide...but someone out there already had my idea.

Take The Time and Get Involved

If you think your kids will balk at this...well, you may be right, especially if you have not been following this rule on your own.  We try to get veggies and fruits into almost every meal, but, I have to say it is usually raw carrots, celery, and broccoli for dipping.  Fruits are easier.  But to fill half a plate??  I'd need much smaller plates.

It's not easy so take time to get into a routine.  Plan meals ahead.  Allow yourself to try new foods and learn to like them.  Maybe even use it as an excuse to go to a restaurant to try some new vegetable dishes.  Research how to cook new foods.  Enlist your kids to help look up recipes, shop, prepare, and cook.

Hey, you can even include some Math in with your dinner.

If you are searching for a goal this year, set a goal to eat healthier.

We hope to begin and continue a new food regimen...

Meatless Mondays

Wok Wednesdays

Fish Fridays

We are starting there.  Any ideas for Tuesdays and Thursdays?

Stay tuned for recipes and reviews.

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