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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Take The Winterizing Pains Away with The Original Quick-Connect Blow Out Plug!

It's about that time!  Summer is over and cold temperatures are upon us.  If you are among the unlucky few that need to put the camper to bed for the season, then you will be winterizing your rig.

If you do not want to use chemicals, such as glycol,
here is the one thing you will need to make it easier for you to prep your RV for its winter nap.

This patented, beautiful, blue, shiny aluminum quick-connect RV blow out plug is made for ease of use allowing one person to handle the winterizing.

Expelling every drop of water from your camper's lines and hoses is extremely important, especially if your rig will rest the winter in an area where temperatures will be at or below freezing.  There is nothing worse than opening the door in the Spring to find water damage from cracked water lines.  Not the way to start the camping season.  

So what do you need to do to get that water out?  Well, start with an air compressor.

Locate your city water connection input valve.

Attach your Winterize Manufacturing Blow Out Plug by screwing the male end into the city connection valve's female end.

Now your Winterize Manufacturing Blow Out Plug's quick connect is ready for your air compressor.

A quick snap of the air compressor hose onto the Winterize Manufacturing Blow Out Plug's quick connect, and you are ready to go.
Compressed air will replace the water in your lines.

A great fit.

To expel water from lines, just open all faucets until the water is purged by the compressed air.
You will ned to bypass your hot water tank. See your owner's manual for instructions.  

Turn on the air compressor and allow the air to run through the lines, expelling the water...

until the lines are empty and dry.

Don't forget, water will remain in your showers' and sinks' fixtures, and in your toilets if you do not replace it with air.  This water can freeze and crack your fixtures.

Prevent these problems with the 

Come spring, just hook up your water, and turn on your faucet.

Ready to get started?  

You can purchase the 
Original Quick Connect Blow Out Plug 
from Winterize Manufacturing 
through their website:

Or through AMAZON.COM.

Only $11.95 with shipping.