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Welcome to our site! We are Joanne & Steve. After 20+ years working for a city school department and police department, we sold almost everything, bought an RV, and started living on the road with our three children. Joanne homeschools and works online.
What we have chosen is to live life as unencumbered as we possibly can and to spend time with our family, for our family, and as a family.
This website is a record of our travels. But, we also hope to educate, entertain, and inform others about RVing, roadschooling, and the great places we visit in this country.

Campground Review


Preferred RV Resort, Pahrump, NV

We stayed at Preferred RV Resort for 5 months (October 2013 thru March 2014). We had site #230. In this part of the "Resort," the sites are extremely close; but, are staggered (north, south, north, south, etc...). A bit tight.  Nothing but gravel and dust. The Wi-Fi was spotty. Over the air TV channels were adequate. The pool was covered by a dome for most of our stay and it was refreshing. (The dome is being replaced with a new one for next season.) The indoor hot tub was also adequate. They have a small gym, a very nice woodworking shop and Joanne loved the stained glass class and hobby room. 

The staff we dealt with were wonderful! We can not say enough good things about the staff. The bathrooms and laundry were very clean as well; the cost to use the laundry was the cheapest we have found. Even though the facility is fenced in and there is a 24 hour gate attendant, our neighbor had his dual sport motorcycle stolen from his site. The police officer who responded to take the theft complaint alluded to other larcenies from the resort in the recent past (ATVs stolen). We would probably stay here again if passing thru Pahrump.  It's an hour from Vegas to the East and about 45 minutes to Death Valley to the west.  Plenty to do and see in the area including historical sites, wineries, and casinos.  Nice new library as well.  We paid $425 per month.  It is a member park, but non-members can stay up to 4 months (5 with a sponsor).  We left with some new friends and good memories.  


New Smyrna Beach Campground, New Smyrna, FL

Sites are level and long enough. Although, our site (#20) was narrower than most. They have a maintenance person; however, lots of brush/branches litter the grounds. The mini-golf area is rundown and falling apart. It is an eyesore that is very near the front of the CG. Pool was heated (as advertised). Our kids enjoyed the playground. Laundry facilities are very good and efficient (you can dry two wash-loads in one dryer). The Wi-Fi is weak (as was our Verizon 3G hotspot and phone signal). The staff is friendly and courteous. We stayed here for over one week, and, under the right circumstances, we would return.


Texas Wine Country Jellystone Park, Fredericksburg, TX

This is a relatively new campground; so, the shade trees and some of the landscaping have not yet matured. The guest lounge and and all public buildings were spotless. The games in the arcade were free during our visit - our kids loved that! The owners are very nice and went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable and properly set-up. The pool and hot tub were excellent, as well. Would definitely stay here again.


Leasburg Dam State Park, NM

Planned on staying one week; however, the electricity was extremely low (I have a digital power management system). So, we only stayed one night. The park ranger attempted to correct the power issue; but, was not successful. The park itself was clean and rustic (desert surroundings). The playground was small, but adequate. If the power was more reliable, I would have given this park a higher rating. Would stay here again only if the power was functioning properly.


Bottomless Lakes State Park, New Mexico

The lake is nice (saltwater). Nice playground. The campground was adequate; however, LOTS…LOTS of flies. The electricity was questionable as well (my rig's power management system kept shutting off due to spikes and power drop offs). We stayed here for one week and it is highly doubtful we would return. Furthermore, the lake is a popular day use area by the locals. Even though the workers tried to keep things tidy, trash piled up quickly and was blown everywhere.


Elephant Butte State Park, New Mexico

This is a big state park facility. Stayed 2 nights. The spaces were tight for our 40' fifth wheel. Not very level either. Power and water pressure was fine (our two previous NM state park visits both had electrical issues). Rather long walk to the playground from our site. It is doubtful we would stay here again.

Campground Reviews


Brantley Lake State Park, New Mexico

Very nice state park. We stayed here for one week. The grounds were clean and well maintained. Each site has a sun shelter.  

The playground, new and shaded, was more than adequate for our three kids. Due to its rather remote location, we had lots of starry nights. We also saw several different types of rabbits - some were HUGE! We also enjoyed the coyotes howling at night (probably trying to catch a rabbit or two). The lake was very low when we went so we did not partake in any water recreation.  About a 45 minute ride to Carlsbad...We would stay here again. 

Te New Mexico State Park website is well done and easy to use.  Consider buying the park pass.


Campground Review: Jamaica Beach Rv Park, 

Galveston, Texas

We spent two months here (February & March 2013). We had site # 103, which is located at the front of the park, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. 

The owners do everything humanly possible to make your stay pleasant and enjoyable. During Mardi Gras, they set-up an RV and BBQ grill along the parade route (11 miles from the campground) and fed everyone from the resort for free (tips appreciated). On Wednesday of each week, one of the owners takes people shopping nearby; so, if you do not have a toad, you can still get into town for groceries (again, no charge ~ tips appreciated).  

                            Nightly Outdoor Movies                              Host Hotdog Roast

Also, twice a week they serve breakfast (Wed & Sat mornings) for a nominal fee. Pot-luck is on Thursdays and is enjoyed by many. They have a communal fire pit that they sometimes host a hotdog and s’mores event (no charge). Plenty of other activities are scheduled (jewelry making classes; RV related seminars; swap meet; etc...) 

The beach across the street is within walking distance; also, you can drive your vehicle on the beach in designated areas. The fishing was great (our group caught plenty of whiting; pompano; catfish and an occasional drum). 


The campground boasts two pools and two hot-tubs.  One pool is heated at the beginning of Spring Break; the other has a swim-up bar for the adults (this feature was not open during our stay). 

The laundry was efficient. The bathrooms were clean. Cost of propane was a little steep in my opinion ($26 for a 30 pound tank); but, it is the "only game in town" for propane. 

Go-carts were new right before we left.

Overall, this is a wonderful resort. You are not "nickeled and dimed"; you can wash your RV for free. Electric was included in our monthly rate of $545 (taxes included). 
Places to visit while you are there:  http://hallsontheroad.blogspot.com/p/places-to-visit.html


Campground Review: Lakeside RV in Livingston. LA

Lakeside Rv Resort
Livingston, Louisiana

We stayed here for one month, December 19 until January 19 of 2013. This just happened to be one of the wettest Januarys on record. It was also a month filled with tornadoes and a night or two of snow in the forecast. 

With this being said, the RV park was wonderful! The park is situated on a lake with a nice foot-path on three sides of the lake. Cement pads are level and approximately 20' wide and have varying lengths. We stayed in site #105, which is a back-in space that abuts one of the "pet areas". Trash was regularly picked up by staff; the office had available, complimentary, fresh brewed coffee. 

As mentioned, we received many inches of rain and the grounds drained very well. I also made note that they had some of the best potable water we have encountered on the road. Although the campground is cable free, many of our neighbors had satellite and our over-the-air reception from Baton Rouge and New Orleans was clear and offered many channels. They also have a "Campers' Lounge" that has satellite TV and is quite comfortable. The laundry facilities were also clean and adequate, as were the restrooms, in which we stayed (women's) during the tornado watches. 

We give this park a rating of 8, due mostly to their location. Not much going on in Livingston and the next town in which to grocery shop (Walker) was not much better. Very dirty, lots of trash, and an email to the parish resulted in a run-around of "new people to town since Katrina and still trying to get it under control."    

Staff was great and if the pool was heated in the winter months they would have received a 9+). An hour and fifteen minutes from New Orleans and about 30 minutes from Baton Rouge.  All-in-all, clean, functional and child friendly.  Oh, and right across the street is a daiquiri bar, with pretty good food.  We paid $520 for the month, including electric, for a lakeside site.


Campground Review: Camp Inn, Frostproof, Florida

Camp Inn RV Resort

Not to be confused with Camp Inn Florida, a bit more north on route 27.  

We stayed here for one month in a full hook-up site. We paid $525, which included 50 amp service and 30 days worth of Wi-Fi. The site we had (R-28) was a wide, corner site having some palm trees. It took some maneuvering to get our 40+' fifth wheel in, but, we managed. This park is 90% manufactured homes and/or trailers converted into homes (i.e. carports; sheds; residential AC units; etc). Some lots are kept up better than others. The transient sites are scattered throughout the park; the bulk of them being in front near the entrance. They have two pools (one which was heated to 80+ degrees). The laundry facilities were dated; but, adequate. The interior roads are level and paved (everyone uses golf carts to get around). We encountered many friendly people (most of whom were over 60).  

Being more of a retirement community, there is no playground.  They have planned activities, but they are for adults...bingo, exercise classes, etc.

Frostproof is pretty much in the middle of nowhere.  If you are interested in the racing in Sebring, Camp Inn is about a 25 minute ride.  Disney was about 45 minutes.  Legoland, 30.

You have to travel north or south to get to any real shopping.  But, the weather was awesome!  Worth a stay especially if you are staying a month at a time.


Misty Mountain Campground in Crozet, VA



This campground was kid friendly (and dog friendly as it hosts dog shows).  The playground is nice and clean.  There is a fenced dog park next to the playground.  The pool was closed when we visited. Small park and very tight, but close to many nice areas to visit.

It was very tight getting in and out of our site (#2); we have a 40' fifth wheel with 4 slides. After some jockeying back and forth, got the rig parked so I could open all slides (no awning) and avoid the trees. Needed neighbors to vacate first to exit the park.  No real space to call your own.  We wouldn't stay here long term.

Stay Nov 3 - 4, 2012

Aces High RV Park in East Lyme, CT

We stayed at Aces High RV Park for 4 months in the WINTER.  $750 per month plus electric.  The campground was level and neatly kept.  There is a pretty lake that allows for fishing and small boats.  Pay laundry is adequate.  Showers are coin-operated.  There is a security gate as well.
With all of the above-mentioned amenities, we would never stay at Aces High RV Park again.  Of all the campgrounds we have ever visited, this park was by the most uncomfortable and inhospitable place.  Treatment of us by the owner was unfairand lacked any professionalism what-so-ever. The owner, who never had the decency to introduce herself to us, wasunfriendly and hateful.  We were told, upon our leaving, that the owner had a vendetta against us from the start.  We were given advice, thankfully, to NOT book seasonal as we were about to do, as she would have done whatever she could to kick us out and take our money.  We never met the woman!
We were at the park for Christmas, the first Christmas our three young children had ever spent away from their home.  We laid large camper lights along the grass so they could have some fun lights to view out the window.  The owner, Kathy Warner, through her managing campers, told us we had to take them down as they were a tripping hazard (a hazard for the 4 other campers there during the winter…when really no one was out walking, and they were well on our lawn and not in an area people would be walking.)
So, being the rule-following individuals we are, we took them down.  We were also instructed, through the workers, that we were not allowed to have the 4 brand-new, clean, clear lucite boxes of toys we had stacked neatly under the rear slide so our children could play outside on nice days.  Unsightly I guess.  I guess more unsightly than the rusted propane tanks, hanging vinyl skirts, and stacked boxes outside two of the other campers. (Those we left…too bad.)
We were accused, point blank, by one of the workers, an ex-correctional officer who I guess thought she was still active, of over-filling the dumpster with boxes, trash, and a dehumidifier.  We were also told that we’d be whacked a fee for this indiscretion.  Not being ones who take false, unproven accusations lightly, we made it clear that they had no proof of the perpetrator being us, and we weren’t responsible, by the way, and would not be paying any fees.
The propane fees are twice what any other campground or private business charged.  Of course, you don’t know that until you actually fill your tanks.  I have to also question the legitimacy of their electric bill as well.  Far higher than other parks and the refusal to even show us a bill made me weary.
It seems we were hated right off the bat by the owner and she was harassing us in any way she could.  If we hadn’t been forced to winter here, we would have left right away.  If you are traveling with kids, don’t bother with this place.  The teeny pool, so we’ve heard from campers that have been there for quite some time, is run in a militaristic fashion.  The playground is almost non-existant, and it is past the security gate and near the road.  If you stay in the winter at all, beware of the “poachers” who may get your kids while climbing the hill near the far end.  The rules state that children can not play off of their site, so if you visit Aces High, be prepared to have to yell at your kids for leaving the site, or touching a tree, or scooping some sand, or moving a rock, or sitting on a picnic table, or for, well, being kids.  If you are an older couple that will pull in for a night or two and never leave your RV, you are all set.   Google the park for other people’s reviews.  Wish we had.
Stay: 11/11 – 4/12


  1. Aces High RV Park sounds like a nightmare

  2. Just because of the owner (at that time...not sure if she is still there). Location is great and there is potential...but not with that owner.


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