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Welcome to our site! We are Joanne & Steve. After 20+ years working for a city school department and police department, we sold almost everything, bought an RV, and started living on the road with our three children. Joanne homeschools and works online.
What we have chosen is to live life as unencumbered as we possibly can and to spend time with our family, for our family, and as a family.
This website is a record of our travels. But, we also hope to educate, entertain, and inform others about RVing, roadschooling, and the great places we visit in this country.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What an amazingly busy month it has been.  The kids began school a little late this year due to Hurricane Irene who, by the way, demolished some of our trees.   

I am a full-time-stay-at-home-mom-housewife and totally loving it.  I was thinking I'd be relaxing and maybe getting a pedicure now and then, but I think I am just-as-busy-if-not-even-more-busy than I was when I was working full time.

After I get the kiddos onto the bus, I pour myself a cuppa joe and settle in at the computer.  I have started working for a great website called HaveFunTeaching.com.  I frequented this site over the past two years as a teacher, so I reached out to say I'd be happy to work in any capacity if needed.  Well, I am working!  It's all computer-time, which is awesome because IF we ever leave this state I can still work.  And, it feeds my teacher-brain.  Not that I really miss the classroom...which is kind of sad, but, I find more and more each day that I was done.  I hope to get back into teaching some day when I can devote more than 10% to it...but right now, my time is for my family.

Ick, that sounds so marytr-esque.   Really I type all day.  I try to get in some creative writing for the Suite, but it is hard to be inspired when you sit at a desk all day staring at an imac.  I did get to move my "office" out onto the deck few days and relax while working.  Liked that.

My beading has taken a back-seat, but I like that so will be sure to make time for it.  The one thing that is weighing on my mind is the book I want to write.  I have several individuals ready to talk with me, and even someone who will drive them up North here to booney-ville. I just need to get it set up.  This book is so important to me, and has been in the works for about 9 years.  I am running out of time to get it written.

Being home has given me some peace that I haven't felt in a long time.  Nobody really understands how much teaching drains you.  ESPECIALLY when you have kids and ESPECIALLY when those kids are the age you teach!  And now, with all of the changes going on...I am so grateful I can stay home.  Not that I can really afford it...but, I am used to low fashion and sewn socks.

The house has no bites; but some cool things may be on the horizon.  I really need to begin yoga to calm myself and wait for things to occur.

I'll search Google tomorrow for a good online yoga class.  In between my typing.