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Welcome to our site! We are Joanne & Steve. After 20+ years working for a city school department and police department, we sold almost everything, bought an RV, and started living on the road with our three children. Joanne homeschools and works online.
What we have chosen is to live life as unencumbered as we possibly can and to spend time with our family, for our family, and as a family.
This website is a record of our travels. But, we also hope to educate, entertain, and inform others about RVing, roadschooling, and the great places we visit in this country.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Blow Out in New Mexico

We were traveling North in New Mexico when "POP!"  Heard it on the passenger side.  Steve asked, What was that noise?"  Wasn't sure, so, I said, "Not sure."  Very quickly after, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System started beeping, and we noticed the air pressure on a passenger RV tire was at 19 psi (instead of the 80 -90 or so it should have been.)  Rats.  

Pulled over at an exit to the side of a gravely road to see...

We were waiting on this...Goodyear Marathons have no good reviews. 

Yup, flat.

Can you say... Catastrophic Failure?

Step one: Remove the lug nuts...after a few tool switches, Stevie-boy got it done.

Step 2: Drop the spare...now for us, the "spare" is actually an original tire that had to be plugged last summer and we have been driving on the spare.   

Don't forget about safety.

Here it comes!

Here's the boo-boo.

Before installing the spare/not spare tire, Steve placed the TPM onto it to see if the psi was up to par.  It wasn't, so...

Adding some in...waiting, waiting, waiting...


Yay!  All set to install!

And here she is.  

Within 24 hours, we would have 5 new tires purchased and installed.  Bye Bye Goodyear Marathon ST235/80R16s!  Too much bad press and a blow out means ta ta!

Hello, Goodyear G614 RST235/85r16s!  G load (14-ply) up from an E road (10 ply).

Camping world in Albuquerque installed them.

We also purchased a new rim for the spare. So far, so good.  

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