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Friday, August 16, 2013

Ashamed, Shocked, Revolted...

Baring my soul here...well, at least my incredibly gross can opener.

I pride myself on being fairly OCD when it comes to germs and overall cleanliness.  My hands can handle 180˚ dish water.  I love my Lysol wipes and do try to use Green products when I can.  So, I was shocked the day I took a good close look at my manual can opener.

The list of canned goods in our pantry is short; tuna, ravioli, soup, fruit, veggies.  Maybe 4-5 cans of each.   Not a lot of space you see.  Of course, when we were in a house 2 years ago we had many, and probably opened more then than now.  But, I cleaned the opener!  I swear!

I'd rinse it with hot water, and even soak it in hot soapy water quite regularly.   So, yes, I was shocked the day I took a close look...

I immediately set to cleaning.  

That black gunk in there is old food and innumerable bacteria.

Every use leaves a little bit of the food and any bacteria that may be in the food itself...

salmonelle, e-coli, listeria, to name a few.

Left to it's own devices and provided with a dark drawer in which to proliferate, 
the bacteria will happily multiply.

And of course, that means that any time you open any can, you are possibly transferring that bacteria to the food you are eating.  And if you are lucky enough to cut yourself on that just-opened sharp top...guess where that bacteria is now?

(So, that sudden bout with diarrhea
 wasn't just a coincidence.)

So, with old SANITIZED toothbrush (why would you clean something with a toothbrush covered in germs?), baking soda, and anti-bacterial soap, I set to work.

Be careful, by the way.  That disk is sharp.

Not new looking, but definitely clean.

And will remain that way.

So, the next time you have a few minutes, get a little closer to your can opener...electric, too.  

And while you are at it, run a paper towel or bleach wipe under and around your faucet handles...
see what surprises await you.

Links for your bacteria enjoyment:  Don't eat while reading these.


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  1. you're insane, everyone's opener looks like this!


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