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Welcome to our site! We are Joanne & Steve. After 20+ years working for a city school department and police department, we sold almost everything, bought an RV, and started living on the road with our three children. Joanne homeschools and works online.
What we have chosen is to live life as unencumbered as we possibly can and to spend time with our family, for our family, and as a family.
This website is a record of our travels. But, we also hope to educate, entertain, and inform others about RVing, roadschooling, and the great places we visit in this country.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Making it a Home: Living Full-time In a Small Space

When we moved into Eagle November 28, 2011, at about 11:30pm, in East Lyme, CT, it had been after a VERY long, hectic day.  What made it to the camper were the only items not sold, given away or stored at family's or friends' houses.  We had thought we had done good in purging, but, it's amazing what you think you'll still need.  Turns out, it was far more than we could actually fit.
It took a few weeks, and, thankfully, with the blessing of mild weather throughout that first winter, we were able to kick the kids outside and really organize.  

14 months later, we are pretty organized, but still pass on a few things every month.  Of course, we add a few things, too.  We continue to make adjustments and changes as needed.

Please enjoy this tour of our home; Before and After.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After
Master Hallway Before

Master Bed Before
Master Bed After

Master Bed After with Some Dog

Master Bath Before 
Master Bath After 
Master Bath After 

Entry Way Before
Living Space Before
Kitchen Before
Living and Kitchen After

Living After

Dining, doors to kids' room and bathroom
The night we moved in, and for many months afterward, the top bunk above our daughter was toy storage central.  This was unsightly and not very convenient.  Since then, twin # 2 moved up there and we parted with several of the items.  Thanks to my great Sis, the kids each have curtains with their selection of fabrics.
Kids' room, one bunk

Each bunk has a window, a light, and now privacy.  

Kids' room, twin side

Steve snagged the plastic shelving below for $5, brand new, but damaged...inconsequential to our needs.  And, after filling out a missing/broken pieces form on the company's website, we'll be getting replacement parts for free!

Kids' Room, Ian's Side
Toy storage has evolved quite a bit over time, and will continue to do so
 A big issue is laundry...the red net bag holds the kids' dirty clothes until it gets so large the door is hard to open.  Still working on a better solution.

Twin side, wardrobe

The addition of the TV wall bracket provided much needed space for Ian's netbook, the speakers (which we attach to his iPod and the TV {as the sound comes out through the back and RIGHT through the walls to the living space}) and other assorted items.

The view from their beds

 The kids also have a bathroom, but I didn't photograph that room.  

Living in such a small space takes creativity, compromise, and TIME to adjust.  We have quite a few more projects we'd like to try for better storage and functionality.  We'll keep you updated!


  1. I love how you personalized your space! I've been trying to come up with a solution for my spices. The spice rack on the side of the cabinet is a great idea!

  2. That big, empty wall was crying out for something. We may also look into getting the sheet metal for behind the stove, and purchase those magnetic spice containers.


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