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Saturday, December 22, 2012

App Review: Splash Math

Math is high on the focus of my homeschooling plan.  Never been a big Math-thinker, or at least, never thought myself one, but I do know the importance of at least basic math skills.  I will never forget the day my dad explained to me how we would cut the angle of a deck we wanted to build (never did) by creating a triangle and doubling the sides, adding them and getting the cut side....a squared + b squared = c squared.  The Pythagorean Theorem! Who knew?  Thank you Mr. Oliva!

So, being a 20-year veteran of first and second grade math, I can safely say, I am freaked beyond belief with Trigonometry, Calculus, and beyond.  In fact, I barely passed Calc...had a wonderful, kind, VERY Portuguese Professor (and I am Portuguese) with a very thick accent which, as the class complained, was far too difficult to understand, especially for a bunch of non-math majors.  Reluctantly, we asked for some help, and URI sent a Professor's assistant; a very, nice Chinese man with VERY thick Chinese accent.  And, so, my math career ended with that class.

Luckily, today, there are several wonderful online programs available for a nominal fee to help kids learn math in a fun way.  One that I have discovered is Splash Math.  I have Splash Math for first graders.  It is 10$ to download the app, but you can sign up to 5 students.          I have my twins on this app.  You receive weekly email updates as to how your child is doing on the skills represented in the app.

I like SplashMath because the format is somewhat challenging.  The questions are not the rote memorization of old math but a challenging, variety of simple, but thoughtful math questions.

The app allows children to think about math in an abstract way, but allowing for concrete visuals.  And, if your child cannot read well enough, the app reads the directions for them.

The app covers addition, subtraction, time, money, and more.

Awards are given for correct answers and good scores.  Kids get to play with awarded prizes.  

Check out first grade here at 

Check out second grade here at

Check out third grade here at


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